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Ruby chocolate with ruby crisp pearl inclusions.

Brecon Chocolates Ruby Ruby Ruby Bar - 100g

  • Min: 48.8% Cocoa Solids. Sugar 35.5%, Cocoa Butter 29.5%, Milk solids 27.9%. Skimmed Milk Powder 16.5%, Whole Milk powder 12.5%, Cocoa mass 4.5%: fat free cocoa solids min 2.5%; emulsifier: soya lecithin. Acid: Citric acid. Natural vanilla flavouring. May contain: milk, nuts, soy.

    Ruby chocolate coated Crisp pearl ingredients: Couverture chocolate 84.0% (sugar 35.5%; cocoa butter 29.5%; skimmed milk powder 16.5%; whole milk powder 12.5%; cocoa mass 4.5%; emulsifier: soya lecithin <1%.

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